Spiritual Gifts Assessment


Knowing our Spiritual Gifts is a great asset, not only to the individual but as the individual serves within the context of the local congregation.


Trinity United Methodist Church would like to encourage all of the membership to take this Spiritual Gifts Assessment. 


You will be directed to the Assessment by clicking on the image below.


When you are redirected to the site, you will click the "Begin Survey" button (as shown below).


Please note that you will be given the opportunity, at the completion of the Assessment, to have your results emailed to you.


Additionally, if you would like, you may also email a copy of your results to Pastor Patrick at: pastorpgunn@gmail.com


The site will offer you the opportunity to email to more than one address.  However, you can also choose to forward your emailed link to your results directly to Pastor Patrick.  Please note - if you forward your results please include your name in the subject line of the email.