A Brief History

Trinity United Methodist Church


     The first Methodists preaching in this area on record was about the year 1818. The Rev. Abraham Still was the first preacher. At first our ministers preached in private homes and under arbors; but as soon as possible, a church building was built between 1820 and 1825. This buEarliest Church Building Photo Availableilding was located on the south side of Highway 20 at the end of 3M Road. In 1837, the church was moved on the east side of North Seneca Drive at the end of Mountain Home Road. It remained there until the spring of 1862 when it was burned by the federal army. After the Civil War (around 1866), a new church was built on North Seneca Drive near Highway 20. This was not a satisfactory location; therefore, a new church was built on the present site in about 1868. This building was destroyed by fire on April 12, 1896. 


   The present sanctuary was built in 1897. The first church service was on the first Sunday in July 1897. Educational buildings were completed in 1961 and 1979 and Family Life Center in 1994. 

   Our church has always preached the gospel of the new birth and new life, the personal consciousness of the forgiveness of sins and the witness of the Holy Spirit.